Pipe Handler

The Think-Tank group of Gray McKenzie developed a Internal Pipe Lifting device for handling ID 24 up to 80 inches in 1978. A member group OIL in Aberdeen build a Pipe carrier ,the pipes were used for Piling down large Jackets in the North Sea area ,using a Menck steam hammer . The IPLD see I, has been used for many purposes, the IPLD is a very simple pipe lifter , no external power is required ,when connecting the lift eye and pulling start, the grippers extended into a clamping position. The Lifting force is hold by 3-4-6-8-10 grippers , friction factor is 0,18. Required interface , W=fxN or 200T pipe can be hold by = 200/0,18 = 1111 T , interface taken as 200 kg/cm2 ,req, Area 5500 cm2 . gripper area 20x60 cm = 1200 cm2 , or 5500/1200 = abt.5 grippers fitted. With the IPLD a pipe can be raised horizontally and second eye vertically, The Riser pipes ,the interconnection from drillship/semi to BOP is by these riser pipes ,the riser pipes will be pickup from storage by our JAW Beam Lifter ( JBL ). The JBL comprise a Beam and at both ends a Jaw arrangement ,the Jaws can be extended and retracted by two hydraulic cylinders and lock valve HPU integrated in the lifting beam, remote-wireless control Riser pipe , OD 1200 mm , Overall length 27 mtr. (90ft) ,weight 27 T and the Slip joint can have a weight of 48T. The Riser pipe will be positioned on our Cart running on the Catwalk ,and driven to the centre -well , a ST-IPLD will be mounted and front end ,connected to a hoisting winch /Top drive located in the V-door ,the riser pipe will be positioned into a vertical positioned, lowest part will be handled by our Set back stabber,(to avoid swinging ). Our NECK RACKER (ST.NR) our most simple and reliable Lifting device, no clamping by friction , but our NR the best lifter for your money ,every drill pipe (joint) or stand ( 3 or 4 joinst) are provided with at one end the BOX ( female treadth) and opposite side the PIN ( male stud),both are welded to the pipeends and both are provided with a NECK ,by this we use our fork model NR with the fork lockers to lift the pipe or stand. When locked the fork lockers pipe can no dropped out . Any type of Drill pipe can be handled .min. 3 up to 6 5/8 size. see mode III. Finger Lifter type ST.FL (see IV) can be mounted on a crane ,two set FL are fitted on a beam for long tubes , package can rotate and be swinging . A single FL is fitted on a Set back stabber and our Drill floor manipulator, clamping range OD 

set1) from 3,5 - 9,5 inches 
set2) from 9,5 -16 inches. 
set3) from 16 - 26 inches (Sunoil Balmoral field)