Pipe Layer System

When finding onshore GAS in the Netherlands abt. 40 years ago a net work of Gas stations and pipe laying started , the Gas net is designed by USA based company Bechtel ,all homes have their own gas-meter & connection ,so heating and Cooking is by Gas for 16 m people. The steel pipes made in Germany and local hired welders duct the pipes in the ground at 5ft depth ,so there was a demand for many qualified welders. In this days we study for a new pipe-line between Siberia and Germany , the line 790 mm OD will be welded by a 17kw LASER SYSTEM ie NO fusion weld any more. The discovered Gas were found in the North Sea too , ie a gas line was required from Platform to onshore based Refinery. This type of Gas line where digged in the sea bottom and protect by a blanked and Stones on top ,the pipe was provided with a concrete layer on outer side. A USA based company Zapata picked up the pipes in Amsterdam base ,ie the pipe were welded onshore and pulled onto a large Reel ( OD 30 mtr.) of a ship named the Apache. Laying underwater can be done by a Barge with Mooring winches ,storage rack for pipes ,crane , welding and control station ,roller tracks with Stinger arm ,Tensioners and abandent winches are installed .(S-line) Modern cable layers can handle Steel tubes and flex lines ,latest are stored in a so called Carrousel ,laying speed of 12 knots can be adopted.