Well Intervention System

55.7)- WELL-INTERVENTION SYSTEM : (ref.2-Well Intervention system 1504.1) Type: WIS.46.250.1200 comprise for ST mainly the pipe handling system, type of pipe model Riser /Casing pipe comprising:

1)- Stored pipe rack,horizontally.
2)- Storage board + frame.
3)- Pipe handler ,Swingon machine.
4)- Iron Rough Neck.
5)- Cold tubing system with tools.
6)- Tensioners +AHC for main hoist,cap.250T.
7)- Hangoff Riser table with table for Cold tubing unit.
8)- Guidance in Moon pool of ship.
9)- BOP selection only.
10)- Cross-Tool.
11)- Taut-wire system.
12)- HPU + Control.
12.1)- Cabin.
13)- Compensator for Cold tubing platform