Rotary Tables & Carrousels

For a Navy we have designed a new generation Turntables, the turntable are located at the bow of the Utility Carrier and the purpose is to adopt a Leopard II tank ,rotate the tank over abt.180 degrees and the tank can drive in backwards direction to his storage place ,15 nos tanks will be carried by the carrier . Weight of one Leopard II tank is 55-58T each ,table outer diam. 7 meters and larger diameter of 9 meters for a 90 T load. Surface provided with weld on bars (20x20mm) for the tank tracks (Caterpillar) ,power of tank 1200 bHp. The drive consist a transport chain DIN 8186 fitted around the outer diameter ,one or two sprockets are mounted on a enclosed planetary gear +brake + E-motor or Hydr.motor + Control.

You have small diameters and Large diameters usually either a basket type (with perimeter wall) or Reel type (without a wall). Carousel are used for storing Flexi-pipe ,Umbilical , Flow lines High Voltage Power Transmission Cables etc. The carousel can be located on deck or below deck. The carousel are electrically driven by a number of electric motors driving via right-angle planetary gear and a chain sprocket engaged to a transport type of chain attached the bottom perimeter of the reel or carousel. Carrousel diameters from 12 up to 36 meters ,the crushing force of the first/bottom layer limits the capacity of the carousel , 6000 Tonnes is possible to stored. The carousels can be equipped with a slewing bearing and/or wheel -rail bogies spaced of several rows depended on the diam.