Rack & Pinion

We STK are the first in the world who have a track teething made out of 42CrMo4V ,machined and Hardness the rack is not welded BUT pin mounted on weld on flat bar. The excisting burned teeth has no fatique and FEM group and NO life time calculation . A Jack up normally is raising Up/Dow a few time per years but others like, small work platform or windmill carriers are using their Rack & Pinion drive system more frequency. The calculated lifetime acc.FEM -group T8 of 50000 running hours.

Teeth loads up to :2000 kNm (M45x315 mm or M50x300 mm .
Standard : 1250 kNm (M45 x 200mm)
Pinion Z=9 XM0,5 : pcd. 450 mm.
Output torques on drives: 281 - 450 kNm.
Raising /Lowering speed : abt. 2 M/min.
Required power per drive : 20 kw per 500kN load.
Drives by : Planetary gears + E motors+Brake.