The STK Calm is a so called Catenary Anchor Leg Mooring Terminal, exellent for positioned in un deep water (up to 45 mtr) anchored by 8 pieces chain type 3 1/4 inches with a length of a few hundred meters. The tanker max. 250000 DWT is moored on a Hawser Quick Release Hook which latest is connected to out Rotable Turret.

-The crude oil , 5000 m3/hr ,maximum 10000 m3/hr goming from the oil well via the bottom mounted PLEM with two 24 inches flexible line onto the CALM how is floating at the surface water line. (work pressure min. 3 bar max. 15 bar.)
-Inside the Calm there,s is a large Rotary Coupling ,stator part fitted to the fixed Calm and the Rotary part mounted to the slewing turret are connected to the Loading station on the tanker.
-Most of Calms are used in open waters and 80% are fitted in the middle and far east
-Small power are submitted by Solar energy , comprising:
-Enclosed Turret.
-Slewing bearing with a hand operated drive for rotating
-Small HPU.
-Hand operated winch (retension of chains).

-Rail beam for chain hoist.
-Quick Release Hook.
-Rotary Coupling with On/off valves.
-Fenders and boat landing board.
-Towing and Lift eyes.
-Buoy water tight compartments (+ manholes)
-Stud-link chains + Guide rollers & Stoppers.
-Mast on top turret ,Marine light ,Radar Reflector 
-Radio Antenna ,Fog horn ,Marine light.
-Overall outer dimension abt.17 x 4,5 meters.