Low Pressure BHS

A Bulk Handling System can be devided in three systems: 

High pressure Mud.
Processing and Mixing.
Bulk and Low pressure Mud.*

The bulk and low pressure will be used on Land Rigs, Supply boat, Jack ups and Semi submersible drilling The ST-BHS system is capable of discharging or loading two different grades of dry bulk cargo simultanously via common loading and discharging lines ,arranged at deck on Port side and Starboard at midship (Jackup ). The system consist four Dry Bulk Tanks , nr.1 and 3 at port side and 2 and 4 at Star board side ,all P-tanks suitable for handling Cement / Betonite and Barite. A package of Bulk & Low Pressure Mud systen comprise; 

A)-(code 150) P-Tank,Barite 60 up to 110 m3 volume ,6 bar 
B)-(code 155) P-tank ,Bentonite , vol .60-110 m3 ,6 bar. 
C)-(code 160),Surge tanks , vol. 3 m3 , wp.6 bar. with or without Cell-Feeder (code 165). 
D)-(code170 )-Dust collector , vol.2,5 m3 ,wp 4,5 bar. with or without Cyclone (code. 175). 
E)-(code 415)-Compressor ,mostly two pieces, special made oil injected rotary type screw compressors, fresh water cooled. Pressure 87psi-5,6 /6 bar. Displacement 1260 Nm/hr /21 Nm3/min. Electric driven 
F)-Code 425)-Refrigerant Air Dryer ,is a cost efficient refrigerant air dryer ,using an environmental friendly inside a hermetically sealed refrigerant compressor ,inlet cap. 1300 m3/hr ,Dew point + 3 deg.C. 
G)-Code 701 )-Controls ,Control panels for assembly in the MCR and a process of the DB P-tanks is a almost fully automatic procedure, the complete procedure of Filling and Discharging can be manually and the second system is using the latest PLC technics.
H)-Butterfly valves , hand-operated ,Air/pneumatic Actuator Disc opening 90 degrees ,Stainless steel made Discs.
I)-Piping , Hard piping acc.Sch40-ASTM-A106Gr.B/ANSI 8.36 Bends acc. 7 x OD ,standard pipe 5 inches diameter.
J)-Cleaning Tools ,Munking Ejector Cleaning system.