Stouco has a long reputation for the manufacturing of different type of Pump units or Power packs, central stays the hydraulic pump , types:
Variable Piston Pumps ,Open /Close loop.
Fixed type Gear pumps.
Fixed type Vane pumps.
Fixed type Leduc/Poclain pumps , WP 450 bar.
Load sension pump.(Pressure compensated ).

Power sources: Squirrel Cage Electric Motors , IEC 74 /IP56/ Petrol /Diesel Engines , up to 1000 Bhp.

Air motors: ST has no limitations in flow of Liters p/min. pressures ,low -middle 250bar -hight 420 bar.

Specials: Sound proof ,to 65 dba , Explosion proof zone 2. Backup sytems of 25%-50%-100% /Second power sources /Stored Energy

Controls: Hand operated with levers / RCP with Joysticks and E-cable / WRL =Wireless Controls .