Four line queue in a motorway cost Euro 1200 p/100 mtr,  and all this because there,s a truck with trailer who has a flat tire ,and the one men show of the (Foreign) driver makes you not happy , Stouco could make the driver and owner happy , Stouco has the patended TTC =Truck Tire Changer who can do the following modes : 

Packed as parts in a suit case.
Assemble all parts together ,abt,15 min.
The TTC is running on four wheels , rear wheels fixed, front wheels for steering.
Controlled underneath the stored tire with rim.
Start folding of clamper , hand pump.
Bring triple clamper around the tire and pull the tire out the storage bag.
Elevate Tire from horizontal position into vertical position.

The ST-TTC can handle tires from 700 up to 1200 mm outer diameter ,and Max,SWL 160 kg.