Besides our standard products we have a small group for manufacturing Amusement products ,everybody are free to fabricate a amusement product without any certification, however when you are a TUV approved  company and you can coop with the DIN 4112-Fliegende Bauten and you make a Baubuch (Manufacturing Data Book -MDB)than you can get a certificate ,we are a  QM-QACP approved company , herewith our summary of those products make by us, comprising : 

01)- Balloon Rider.
02)- Mirakel , 8 mtr OD Ferry wheel.
03)- Skywalker , mast of 60 mtr with Gondola.
04)- FC18 , Flying Carpet ,18 persons.

01)- ST make Balloon Rider

We were the Europe contest winner for making a product for Small and Little children , 1-9 year. The BR is mounted in a two wheel trailer , has a round basket for abt.10 kids ,this basket can rotate and rising two meters. Power source 220V , 1 Hp.
Type :BR.10.2 you can make Euro 1000,- p/day (10 hrs.)

02)-Mirakel .

The Miracle ,type ST.MR.48,3.R. is a small Ferry wheel mounted on a trailer ,can have 2x2 x 12 = 48 young kids & adults . The Miracle can do at the same time , Slewing / Up & Down and rotating in CW and/or CCW direction . Income abt. Euro 7500,- per 10 hours running.

03)-Skywalker :

Big vertical square mast of 60 mtr whereby a Gondalo will run up and down ,step in at base ,the Gondalo carried 200 occupants and can slew in one direction ,nice for viewing only or a restaurant can be mounted. The ST.SW.60-200- can be provide with a base for permanent stay on a foundation and or a demountable system. E-brakes by Electro-Magnetic technology , Income Euro 25000,- per 12 operating hours.

04)- Flying Carpet ,type FC18-20.

The ST Flying Carper mounted on a trailer can carry 18 persons who are sitting in one row on a bench, the bench will rotate by driven two arms of 3 mtr in a parallel mode. The bench can rotate with a radii of 3 meters in CW and or CWW direction with 20-25 rpm. The hydraulic pump can be adjusted from 0 to 0,3 sec max,flow by this the shock effect is the clou. (TUV costs Usd 20K) Income ST FC18-20 , Euro 3500 per 10 hrs operating.