SRS AS20-200

On request Thai-Navy we have been developing a Resque for the crew in a sunken or in trouble submarine. The crew in the submarine are living in a 1 bar environment, sometimes the pressure is a little higher, the adopted water depth is abt.250 mtr. The type of submarine is the U206 (from Germany). Our type is the SRS-A20-200 (Submarine Rescue System A=air-operated , Chamber capacity 20 persons -acting at 200 meter water depth. The advantage of our SRS is the mobility and can be mounted on a seagoing Supply boat ,when at No use the system used commercially purposes. 

Our modular ST-SRS system comprise the following parts:
1)- Clump weight with Stanag Locker device.
2)- Bell , a large 1bar P-tank ,suitable for 20+2 people.
3)- Catcher for Bell-tank .
4)- Bell-tank locker frame ,to guide in splash zone.
5)- Guide frame.
6)- A-frame , SWL 50T adjustable by two hydr. jacks.
7)- Sheaves in turret for Bell /Clump /Umbilical wire.
8)- Carriage for Bell-tank for transferring to decompression and take care ,first aid service .
9)- De-Compression P-tank ,and first aid , cap. 26 persons=
10)- Engine house and Umbilical Reel /Powered Sheave.
11)- Winch house ,Bell-tank and Clump+locker man rider winches , Control cabin .
12)- Support frame for welding or bolting to the deck.
13)- Handling frame for ROV and Garage.
14)- ROV , 700 kw .for assisting of Clump-Lockers .