Cherry Picker

Only a few are manufacturing modern Cherry-Pickers who can operate under slung or underneath large decks (Semi's ) and stepping on the deck above. Our ST-CP300,14 range can do: Working for Semi the under-deck. Inspection work to Semi-legs and Bracing tubes. Inspection /repair of Jacket nodes up to waterline. Mounted on truck for underneath inspection of bridges The CP300 is a self contained unit ,bolt down mounted to a support, can be rented. SWL on basket 300 kg or two Persons with their tools. Controls, four modes from fixed stand and from basket.

Note: For our Derrick design we have nice models for a Work Platform ,one type who can travel vertically by a rack and pinion (type.ST.WP.T.250) the basket team can step in at drill floor level and a type who can be rotate around the Top-drive silhouette .