Fregate Equipment

 See nr.42 showing a typical frigate of a ASIA based navy , we ST- Singapore where invited to offer a solution and delivery for a adjustable Helideck at aft, for a serie of existing Frigates . At no use the Helideck is retracted and supported on the deck house ,the Chopper is also sea fastened on the heli deck. When in use the loaded (Lynx helicopter) heli deck can be extended as shown under 5. Ditto a LARS Diving system with a Gage + Clump has been assembled on board and for safety purpose a ATEL

(Attachable Transportable Entrance Lock) + DART = Diver Attendant
(Recompression Transportable ) capacity 2 persons ,weight 150 kg can be transported by the helicopter of fast boat.

Note: We have RIB boats delivered to the Frigates , 1000 HP cap. 12 Seals-persons.