Floating Drydock for Semi

 There will be soon a time that the Drilling Semi submersible are so big sized that docking will be difficult and very expensive leaving and stopping the Drilling job. So Stubitec have a design for a Floating Dry-dock that will managed to sail to the Semi location ,these around the Globe, and any the Drilling Semi can be docked for:

Inspection / Maintenance /Repair of all Thrusters ,this due to the enormous and fast wear caused by DPrunning.
Change out of Thrusters. (through moon pools)
Blasting /cleaning of Hull.
Repair of damaged area,s by painting etc.

The FC 100140- can be equipped with :
1)- Telescopic work-platforms , with Brushing /Painting equipment. ( nr.43)
3)- Skidding devices for transferring of Heavy loads.
4)- High workers , running type .
5)- Dock crane ,SWL up to 100 T.
10)- Mooring winches , 4-6-8 point system.
11)- Steel wire ropes , 4000 mtr.
12)- Anchors , Flipper Delta model.
14)- Naval Architecture by Stubitec in Netherlands.
18)- Special handling equipment for Thrusters.
19)- Support blocks .