Crane with Parts

A STK Crane consist a 65% op purchased items ,you are free to contact us if you have a requirement for purchased a crane part ,we have the following parts in our scope :

1)- Hoist winch ,Stinch program ,line pull up to 150T ,(22)
2)- Steel wire ropes , galvanised ,1960 class ,OD 150 mm.
3)- Cabin , LxBxH , 2 x 1,5 x 2,2 mtr. with seat.
4)- Controls , Servo / Joystick /Wireless / RCP .
5)- Tugger winches , CT mode up to LP 30T.
6)- Base frame of Engineering only .
7)- Slewing drives ,with pinion-planet-gear-brake + motor.
8)- Hydr.piston type of Motor with Pilot Assisted OV-valve.
9)- Slipring body , IP56 with AC heating .
10)- Rotary body ,our own design, cap.1200L/min at 400bar.
11)- Pedestal with deck ring .
12)- Slewing bearing ,triple roller type , OD up to 9 meters.
13)- Flexible hose , HP-4 steel cores, ID acc, speed 5 m/sec.
14)- Variable piston pumps ,Open loop circuit ,wp 240 bar.
15)- Squirrel Cage motors , IEC74-AC heating ,IP56. S1.
16)- Planetary gear drives with pinion ,brake & motors.
17)- Main boom , design & engineering only.
18)- Hose & Cable reel ,spring acting.
19)- Hydr.Cylinders ,safety on buckling 3x ,TP 1,5x wp.
20)- Auxiliary winch ,CT mode ,600 mtr swr ,120 M/min.
21)- Winch drive .Low Speed high Torque Motor .
22)- Tele-boom.
23)- Sliding pads , 2 x 4 locations ,demountable.
24)- STK sheaves running on enclosed roller bearings.
25)- Single Hook with safety latch ,underwater use.
26)- Main hook ,Ramhorn type +Ball weight .
27)- Block to Block & Last winding switch.
28)- Automatic greasing device on all nipples.

Note : Area,s were you have only one crane to handle all goods we have a rather unique device ,ie Container Kipper this CK can connected to your crane by one hook , a 20ft container can be connected and with two hydr.cylindersthe loaded (Soja beans) adjusted into a angle(+60 degr.) whereby you can unload the Soja Beans or other goods. Power source , HPU 17 kw integrated within frame ,SWL 25T