Tower on Quay

See sketch 20.22 , A tower is situated on a quay ,the first out of a serie were used by a company Booy-Clean ,ie cleaning ,removing rest fluids ,for general /chemical and tankers.

The Tower can be used for:
Feeding the ship with fuel.
Remove Sewage .
Remove waste ,crude oil,less fluids.
Bringing goods on/off board. nr.15
Standby for Fire Fighting . nr.14
Transferring crew on board or exit purpose.
Pickup stretchers after accidents .
Guard and surveyor jobs.
Can ve equipped with elevator.
Gangway ,nr.7 can be raised /lowered along
the tower to follow the ship.
Operators cabin at top ,reachable by stairs.
Mooring Hooks on quay .nr.12
Tower height 30 mtr , Square base 4 x 4 mtr.