Sand Unloading / Transport System

In Europe we need a lot of sand ,sometimes we are loosing our coastline during big storms, so we must Suck sand out of the un deep 20-45mtr sea. To keep the price for sand reasonable about 7 USD per m3 , we were a partner for a Dutch shipyard for designing a suction hopper dredger and our Sand Unloading system all for a reasonable cost and running price.

We deliver the following parts :
Un-loader machine running above the Hopper, Electro hydraulic driven , 610 kw , two grabs of 7 m3 each and a unloading capacity of abt.1400 cm3 per hour. Wet sand ,density 90/10%.
The DUM1400 is provided with a Feeder system, unloading PS direction, size of belt 1400 mm.
Three electric driven Conveyor belts at PS , capacity 1500 m3/hr , Speed 3 mtr p/sec. One Stacker arm ,length 30 mtr , rotable over 270 degr. and luffing up to + 25 degrees ,this stacker arrangement will be used for unloading the sand in Hoppers /Trucks / Storage area on quay . For a large dredger company we developing a Spud pile lower /raising device to be used in Australia for passing by the bridges.