Drill Ships

ST was involved in one of the first drillship named Neddrill 1, the ship was 180 mtr long and a breath of 20 meters,after a short time poise-type of pontons were added at PS and SB side. The Mega-Centre of a loaded Drillship must be 4ft (1200 mm) above the waterline with a list of 30 degrees with the vertical.

This days there's a standard hull , 240x42x20 meters,but we have a new mono-hull design , 180 x 38x 20 with a cheaper rate ,more space available for operator /customer.

Our program comprise :
Derrick with Crown table ,Stairs ,Stairs , Wind brakes, Guidance for Top-drive with Dolly , Top drive storage arrangement , Finger boards ,Monkey board ,Belly Board, Setback ,Setback handler , Donkey poles ,Derrick men’s Cabin ,Auto greasing system for Crown & fast-line sheaves Fairleaders ,Pipe handling machine, HPU + Control , Allumination ,De Luge system ,Utility and Manrider winches. BOP crane ,SWL500T , C-Cart , Riser pipe transporter gantry crane , SWL 48T (Slipjoint), Cart with lifter running in Catwalk .Jaw-beam for handling Riserpipe. 

Low pressure Bulk Handling System (50) with tanks for Bentonite /Barite /Cement /Surge tanks with Cell-feeder / Dust collector with Cyclone / Compressors /Controls.