Module Trainer for Navy

STK has a rather unique Training Module which can be laid out for several disciplines , comprising:

: First aid people.
: Fire Brigades.
: Navy.
: Army.

The Module shown is a part of a ship ,width 15 meters Height 10 meters and 20 meters long ,volume 3000 m3 and can be devided in 16 nos compartments. This given part of a ship can do the same movements of a ship, incl. Roll , Trim , Heave , see the small sketches at top.

A compartment can be used for :
1)- Leakages of pipe-lines and Valves , with no Lights on.
2)- Gas and Gas detection system ,visually by TV.
3)- Gas Mask testing area ,Survival time with No mask.
4)- Escape tube in submarine .
5)- Training( pressurized) tower for Divers with Depths.
6)- Twin lock Compression chamber ,for 30 bar ,cap.8 occupants , helium-oxygen mixture .
7)- Trouble shoot on Compressors ,raining & lights off.
8)- Electric power failures.
9)- Decompression chambers for 2 Divers + Atel.
10)- Treatment with 3 bar Oxygen in chamber.
11)- Decom 16003600 chamber ,how to operate.

Operator /Purchaser is allowed for issue equipment and can do his own installation.

Note: Our Module Trainer can be used for training your crew without having any ship.