We our STINCH-WINCH the SAFETY WINCH in our program, there are many winch manufacturers around the globe, but how many abricators are making Safety-Winches. Latest designs for AHMO the modern Anchor Handling with a Auto pay-out and Mooring ( 4 point mooring) System.  Line Pull 100T and rope storage capacity of 1100 mtr of 72 mm OD steel wire rope, Electric driven with Frequency controllers, two Traction- winches at front and twoTraction winches with Reels at underdeck aft. Control from bridge and locally. Cable Lay ship for British owner. We have our own J&T drive system whereby we have No limit in Pulling forces & Torques.

Our program comprise:
Windlasses / Towing winches / CT-winches / Traction winches/ Man-rider winches /Utility Winches /Draw works /Capstans.etc...

Note: Only a few manufacturing can make Winches for Cranes this due to the complicity and NoBo.
Note: A book regarding STINCH winches is available.