A ship lift or mechanical dock (LRS) will be used for docking any type of ship ,raising the ship, supported on cradles totally above the waterline, a quick repair or transferring the ship into three directions , 2x side wards and longitudinal. Standard Raising /Lowering speed 0.3 M/min. Design of our ship-lift platform , safety 1,44 x Ship weight. Deflection max. 1/800 of span. The following parts are in a DMST ship lift comprising:

1)- Steel platform , Length up to 160 mtr /Breadth 40mtr
2)- Number of hoist winch ,cap. up to 450T each in two rows ,ie SB and PS.
4)- Two nos Winches for pulling- on the ship above the platform and cradles.
5)- Four nos Capstans for positioning the ship due docking
6)- Control and power station.
7)- Guidance vertically .

Note:We are the only one who have the following features:
Special requirements by Navy : Lower the Fregate in the water with NO power. Hydr.operated DOGS for supporting the loaded platform. Each winch can operate locally and undependily. Winches are designed for Manned load platform. Skidding ,Push/Pull ST skidding devices included. Spud can provision to remove the sand underneath. 

Ship lifts can be designed for:
Supply boats /Fishing Trawlers / Tugs / Yachts /Cargo ships / Tankers / Utility vessels

Automic Submarines (17000T)  Submarines /Fregates/ Stealth conveyor /Mine swepers /etc.

Note : ST has special arrangements for Propellers repair and our Stern Lifter for Rhine-pleasure boats.