Carrier for Windmills

Windmill parts are carried and transported by special ships, for placing a windmill part the floating object should be steady and steady could be by a Leg-Jacking system where by the total loaded carrier can be raised above the waterline.You have carriers with 3 - 4 and six legs ,all acting in low water depths up to max. 45 meters.Most 80% of the carriers are operating in European waters, a carrier can carry abt. 20 number of foundations having a weight of 550 - 700 mT. each.The target is to place in a windmill-park a foundation per 24 hours.

ST where involved for designing a Rack & Pinion jacking system to reduced the fast wear of the burned and welded teeths.The Teething did not have any FEM group indication ,the life time was based on the jack-up legs but this jackuplegs are only used a few time per year ,but the teething on the carries where loaded used abt. every 24 hours , so the Fatique is dramatically.

Stouco (ST) designed a demountable rack (see 53) makeout of a high yield steel and machined in a good machine shop, ST demonstrate a Lifetime T8-FEM of 50.000 running hours against T1=1500 hrs. life-down ,to be noted.! Mooring winches , 4 -6-8 points can be delivered.