Diving Support Vessel

 An Saturation Diving system is mainly integrated in and around the DSV ,major components are:

1) - Moon-pool within the hull.
2) - Dive Bell , for 3-Divers , W 10T.
3) - Clump weight ,W 3T.
4) - Bell + Clump man-rider winches.
5) - Bell transfer system with snatch locker.
6) - Pipe Clamp for fitting Bell on chambers.
7) - Compression Chamber(s).
8) - De compression chambers.
9) - TUP.
11)-Oxygen & Helium bank.
12)-Electro/Hydraulic Power packs (HPU).
14)-Control station(s)

You have SAT systems for 8-12-16-20-24 number of divers,
operating water depths of 100-200-300 meters.

Note : The DSV is equipped with one or two Rescue Boats
for the must be pressurized onto the same (diver) pressure.
A special Spool piece (diameter 770 mm) and clamps are needed ,
the SPHL ( Self Propelled Hyperbaric Lifeboat) can be launched by two Davits,
The pressurized chamber catching all divers is made by Duplex,
tested on 1,5 x 31,3 Bar (300 mtr Salt-water depth) Besides the SAT system.
One or Twin Bell ,ST can supply more equipment,
please see sketch 20.04 of a typical DSV the Shearwater Topaz (25000 running hrs. in India).