Man Riding Winches

ST has a nice track records for all sort of manriders,
when in compliances with the NoBo rules and the following additionals:

Design temperature -20 degr,C
An fabricator QM-QACP + MDB are required.
Three brakes are to be fitted: Main-brake on Drum.
Second brake at input gear box.
Third brake =Pilot Assisted Over-centre Valve
Max. 5 nos layers of steel-wire rope on Barrel.
Operating pressure 0,6 x design pressure of equipment.
Safety factor on gear-drive 5 x nominal torque.
Safety factor on hoisting -steel-wire rope 8xnom.SWL
Man-rider winches are fitted on : Diving Systems.
Clump weights.
SAT systems.
Baskets mounted on T-cranes
Resque systems.