Diving Systems

ST has delivered many Diving systems ,the sales is done
by Hytech BV on a worldwide scale ,ST has the following
diving system all in compliances SOLAS and IMCA.

DT, Dive Trainer unit ,for Dive schools and Training centers.
LARS (Launch & Recovery System) , Gage with two Divers , 50 /100 mtr.
STHS , Standby and Tool handling system , water depth 100 mtr.
WBHS 3-50 , Three Divers for inland navigation, water depth 50 mtr.
WBHS 3-100 ,Three Divers for offshore waters, water depth 100 mtr.
SAT 3-300 , Saturation of Three Divers for Deep waters up to 300 mtr
WBHS- Wet Bell Handling Systems has been delivered
under RMMS for acting to minus -40 C operating temperatures.
All man-rider winches ,Line pulls are 2x2 x nominal SWL.
Installed power 1,5 x running load (SWL).
Safety factors on hoisting equipment , 8 x times nominal loads.