Jackup Drilling Equipment

An special CD for Drilling is available ,still we like to mentioned herewith the major parts:

Derrick ,Water table , Fingerboards, Belly board .
Monkey board , Derricks men cabin , HPU ,Pipe handler ,Drawworks ,
Utility winches underneath crown table .
BOP handling by Dollie /Trolley/Crane / C-cart.
Riser pipe Transporter / handler.

Note : Great importance when you purchase a drilling package with the requirement.
How many Stands is 3 or 4 single joints (drill-pipe) assembled together can you handle per hour,
standard is 25 number of stands a unofficial record is 34 stands p/hr.
Stouco Consultance developed a system whereby you can handle 42 number of stands p/hr ,this for the new
generation of High Efficiency Jackups ( HEJ-Mearsk).

 A new important item was our new Rotable Colt type of Mousehole .(patended).