Battery System for Propulsion

The Propulsion Installation on our designed Escort Tug type ET1541 consist 4 number of Diesel generators ,each generator will have a rectifier delivering a Direct Current (DC) to the main switchboard, which is split in two.
Each half of the switchboard is connected to a Battery-bank of each 1200 kWh.

-The Battery Management System (BSM) mounted in our ET1541 comprise battery modules with his own BMS that monitors the individual cell Voltages,Temperatures and control cells balancing.
The individual battery modules are connected by CAN-Bus.
In this CAN-Bus network there is one BSM Master that collects the critical data from the battery modules.If one of the values is exceeding the limits ,the BSM Master will automatically takes a proper action, in case of critical error , goes to a safe state , we have the Battery room temperature Airconditioned up to max. +25 deg.C.
-The Lithium-Ion (LiNiMnCo) battery modules are mounted with a high energy density and high discharge rate for our hybrid and full-electric marine applications,the Lithium-Ion NCM batteries modules are the most suitable.

Technical information: Based on our Escort Tug 1541:
- Battery capacity : 2 x850 kWh useable energy.
- Total capacity : 2x950 kWh= 1,9 MWh.
- Discharge power : Max. 2C peak load.
- Charge power : by an LNG generator.
- BSM : integrated master/slave with CAN-Bus interface.

- System Setup :
- A Battery string consist of the following components :
- 17 x MG10S10P200 Lithium-Ion NCM battery module .(pos.04)
- 1 x MG BMS Master Box 800V/600A. (pos. 07)
- HV Interconnection cables , pos.06.
- Can-Bus interconnection cables . (pos.12)

- System Overview:
The Battery bank (pos.05) consist 16 strings .Depending on the system each string can be connected directly to a DC Bus ,with a DC/DC converter or can be connected with DC/AC inverters to a AC-Grid.
- A number of 272 batteries are mounted.

- Battery Positioned:
- Each Battery strings are mounted into a rack system (pos.5) approx. size LxBxH = 6 x 1 x 3 mtr. and two racks are situated on our Escort Tug.

- Cable Interconnections:
The Battery pack will be discharged with a maximum of 2C =3,8 MW ,to handle this current a cable cross section of 95mm2 is required.

-Cycle Life time Calculations :
-The best lifetime is estimating with a ambient temperature of + 25 degr.C life time about 13 years.