ST have small winches in their program see group 23 and now we have NO limit in Wire-winches ,our latest design are the 300 T line pull winches ,we are the first who have a Barrel /Rope factor of 24 x outer diameter and 5-6 number of layers for 2000 -3000 mtr wire rope storage .
- New is our patented Spooling and level winding system we can demonstate a fleetangle of 10 degrees in one direction ,ie no diamond screw system with broken guidances.
- Our STINCH winches can be Electric driven and/or Electro Hydraulic driven, most of the winches can be equipped with a Mooring system.

Mooring System:
- When experts speaks about a 4-points Mooring system than most of the time they mean our model I whereby 4 pc. winches with mooring system are mounted on a barge.MOLP65T.
Model II :
- Pipe laying barge with 4-point mooring system , 2 winches FWD an two Friction or Traction winches below deck. (MOLP100T)
Model III :
- A 6-point mooring system with two winches FWD and two Waterfall winches at Aft below deck . (Type MOLP 60T).
Model IV :
- A 8-point mooring system for Semi with 8pc wire winches. MOLP 250T.
Model V :
- A 8-point mooring system with 4 pc.Waterfall type of winches.
Model VI :
- A 12-point mooring system with 12 pc .of Windlasses (up to chain 134) chain 90 for Chain pull 200 mT. Speed max. 30 M/min.
Model VII ):
- A typical Windlass + Wire Winch arrangement for a Semi Submersible leg.
Model VIII ):
- A 3-point mooring system for adjusting the floating-part of a Jackup,legs are retracted .LP 75T.

Mooring :
-The Mooring winches can be driven by Electric or Electro/Hydraulic power source , herewith our sheet of the Line-pull range we have in our program: see table

- Each ST-Mooring winch and electric driven ,the installed power is based on the nominal line pull ( 50T ) at a line speed of 20 M/min , a max. line pull of (100T) all at first layer and a line speed of 10 M/min.(installed power 410 kw)
- The line speed is fully proportional controllable with the Frequency drives between both given speeds during Hauling and Reeving at constant power.
- The Selected FC should be min.10% larger in kw (480 kw -model FC480).
- All ST-winches are equipped with load-cells + readouts.
- The installed Frequency convertors per winch are provided with Air or Water coolers ,the Brake Resistors cooled with Air or Water.
- To keep tension on all steel wire ropes and to maintain the Barge / Ship /Rig & Jackup in a tight spread of 4/6/8/12 cables and to maneuver the floating objects in any direction the winch control to be done: -Constant Torque modes for all winches.
- Speed control for all winches.
- Constant torque mode or speed control for all individual winches to operators preference.
- The Winch Remote Control Panel (RCP)can be connected to the DP / Autopilot ,the mooring system will be than automatically follow the track which is programmed in the DP system ,cable of RCP , 15 m.L

Basic SOS for a Mooring system type FC500:
Item 1) - Bridge Control Panel number of panels acc. number of winches.
Item 2) - Deck-Control Panel .
Item 3) - Junction box , for Bridge Control Panel.
Item 4) - Junction box ,for Deck Control Panel.
Item 5) - Main Cabinet ,For positioned below deck nearby Winch.
Item 6) - E-box for mounted on Winch.
Item 7) - Local Console assembled on winch.
Item 8) - Control stand with hatch .
Item 9) - Brake resister ,mounted below deck , air/water cooled.
Item 10) - Electro/hydraulic pump unit for the winch band brakes .
Item11) - RCP +Cable : Remote Control Panel + cable and plug for interconnection to ships DP/Autopilot, 15m cable

Reference: Hochtief and Nostag