Test Tower

- There are many winch manufacturers in the world ,how many have their facility for testing their winches?
- A few can test their winch on static pull using two winches in a horizontal position ,mainly for pulling type of winches never the winches will be tested on their Dynamic functions.
- There is a big difference between hoisting and pulling winches ,in particular the hoisting and pulling factors ,the hoisting factor can be 1,5 till 1,7 till 2,2 for Diving winches and the testing factor starts at 1,25 till 1,1 x nominal line pull ,pulling factor max. 1,3-1,4 x nom.l line pull .

- The hoist winch is the most critical , these type of winch can be equipped with three winches ie.
- Band brake , mounted on drum ,can act in two or one direction.
- Disc brake , running on large disc ,replace band brake you have Dynamic and Parking/hold brakes.
- Multi-disc brake , Static/Hold failsafe and parking only spring acting ,releasable by hydr.pressure.
Mounted on input shaft of Planet-gear.
- Pilot Assisted Overcentre Valve (or Counter balance valve) , mounted on hydraulic motor.
- We ST has developed a TT-Test-Tower whereby we can test the winches dynamically ,ie we stop the raising mode of the test weight and after stoppage we start again the raising mode, a large % of the test-winch load drops down ,why ? because the brakes has not been setted to hold the dynamic load(s).
- We just sold our first Test tower for inside use , test weight 100T and foundation interface load 5T p/m2.
- Stouco Consultance has the following types of TT :
- Model I )- STK.LH1-100T ,tower height 12,8 or 9 mtr for 50T.
- Model II)- STK.T.1-100T , for outside mounting .TT height 12 mtr.
- Model III )-STK.1-100 T . Test tower outside fabrication hall and winch located inside the hall. TT H=12m

- The ST Test tower comprise the following parts:
- Enclosed tower truss.
- Crown table at Top.
- Test weight up to 100T made by steel plates.
- Wire sheaves , pcd 18 x 50mm cable.
- Load-cell in top sheave with readout at base.
- Base frame by standard HEB girders.
- Base sheave ,floating type.
- Winch support frame , for winches of 2T up to 90T.
- Main steel wire rope ,OD50mm (for 100T weight).
- Set of steel wire ropes to fetch on winch barrel.
- Electro /hydraulic power pack , abt. 15Kw.
- Control stand at base.