STS 3in1

ST and their STS system one of the latest designs for a modern ShipTransfer System (STS) of Liquid Cargo in the Sea running by beam way for sea-tanker, old manufactures are Clark Chapman & Hepburn both using a Festoon system .

- A Ship-To-Ship transfer operation is the transfer of cargo between seagoing ships positioned alongside each other,either other,while stationar or underway.
- Cargoes typically transferred via STS methods include crude oil ,liquefied gas.
- LPG or LNG ,Diesel ,Fuel ,Fresh water ,Cargo , Personnel ,and Petroleum products.
- The nomenclature STS transfer should be used in reference to techniques used by Stouco & Stubitec on civilian merchant vessels, as differential from underway replenishment which is the term used by Navies
- When transferring cargo from one sailing mother (tanker) ship to another in open sea and this is called a ship-to-ship operation.
- The ST STS solution is based on the latest and modern lifting appliances in a Marine environment ,we are operating via our Hose Reel ,this Reel with 4 sections is mounted on the top part of a slewing bearing ,the inner rim is bolt down mounted onto the top of a large sized pedestal ,by this one ST. STS.LQ-4H can be placed in the centre line of the tanker can can be operating to SB and PS .
- The Reel and Pedestal are provided with a STAG Rotary coupling ,by this the top part can rotate in CW and or CCW direction and the Reel can rotate for pay out a hose and/or hauling a hose.

Sequence :
In bad weather or long clearance between both ships a shooting line will be still used (since 1930) see detail I,with this thin line a thicker steel wire rope (OD 28mm) can be pulled inn and connected to the ship ,see detail 2 .
- AS soon the CTW rope is connected the winch mounted on the arm will be act in Constant Tension (CT)mode at the same time the pick up-laydown wire rope is also connected.
- When selected a hose and mounted into the basket pull out can be started same time driven-reel is acting ,also in CT mode. (see detail 3)
- End of each hose is provided with a Avery-Hardoll made self closing coupling.
- All connections should be made by quick release hooks in case of emergency.

Mating ARM :
For connections ,distance up to 30 meters and Calm sea with low speed of 6 knots the ST.STS can be equipped with a Telescoping boom arrangement see detail 4 .
This Tele boom can be equipped with a Pole ,Pipe Clamper , Two QRC ,and will be a self contained unit , the opposite ship should be equipped with a mouse hole ,see detail 5.

Technical info:
- Distance ship to ship : min. 30 max. 70 mtr.
- Speed of ships : max. 6 knots.
- SWL to handle : 2,5 T.
- Power source : Electro/hydraulic .
- Zone : Hazardous , Zone 1 , ATEX95-Cenelec/Baseefa code.
- Arm elevation up + 30 degrees and down 15 degrees.
- Slewing : cont. 360 degrees in CW or CCW direction , 0-2 rpm.
- Reel : Outer diameter : 3300 mm
One section , 6 inch (OD200mm) for Fuel.
One section , 2 inch (OD70mm) for Oil.
One section , 2 inch (OD70mm) for Fresh water.
One section , 6 inch (OD200) for AviationFuel .
Power Feeding :By Stag type Rotary coupling , 4 connections on Stator and Rotor part,
design pressure 10 bar , (tested at 50 bar)
- One Stag.RC.2.6-2.4-10
- Speed Reel 36 M/min is 0-5 rpm and in pedestal 0-2 rpm.

Power source :
The U-module (code nr.45) mounted around the Top part is a totally enclosed unit comprising , Cabin + Controls , Spare seat , Exd-boxes , and Hydraulic pump unit(s).
Latest design : STS 3in 1 system and Reel station at stern , one STS for SB and one STS for PS both mounted and vertical travelled in a portal truss ,both can reach a suspension level of six up to 19 mtr.above waterline .
- Each STS is equipped with : group II-Liquid Cargo.
1x Aviation DN150 line . L=100 mtr.
1x Diesel fuel .DN150 line , L=100 mtr.
1 xBunker fuel DN150 line , L=100 mtr.
4 x Lubrication Oil DN50 lines ,L=100 mtr.
1 x Freshwater DN50 Line , L=100 mtr.

Group I. Staff handling:
Transferring in a Crew Basket of 4 persons from receiver to tanker.
Crew basket can float in the sea water ,all equipment designed for Man-Rider use, travel speed 0-20/40 m/min.

Group III . Dry Cargo handling.
Transferring of dry cargo ,load SWL2T in a enclosed 10ft ISO container from tanker to receiver ,and visa versa , travel speed 0-20/40 M/min.
The Tanker can handle three ships at the same time sailing speed 6 knot max. ,the Reel station at stern can feed a submarine at 200 meter distance ,by 2x DN150 and 1xDN50 ,all three hoses are floating types .
All operating in a Hazardous environment zone 1 and a temperature of - 30 degr,C.
See drw. 65-14-1002-105 and 65-14-3005-101A