Sketch 42.1:
Besides our Navy Ship lifts and group 42 we have a new range of products , haven group 65 where we show our Latest STS 3in1 system.

- Our new product is our Torpedo handling device ,type STTP523 whereby we our drill floor Manipulator head has been used for clamping the torpedo , rotate and self-aligning all over three axes X-Y and Z.
- The head is mounted at the end of a telescopic arm ,by this the torpedo can be reach the bottom of the submarine , class U200 -The whole package is mounted on a 5T SWL crane ,all functions on a wireless control panel ,acting in Hazardous zone 1.

Sketch 42.2:
- Storage of Sunseeker boats in a multi yacht has been done manytimes , but a helicopter storage below deck has been done 2x times, this was enough for a Navy client who want to store a 11T in weight helicopter at aft deck.
- The deck is provided with two Ramsom type of water tight hatches driven by ramsom arm and hydraulic jacks ,when complete opened direct a heavy duty platform will be raised and top will be flush with the open ramsom hatches.
- As soon the helicopter is landed there will be a fastening procedure,the winches are integrated within the platform.
- When fastened the platform will be lowered by a rack and pinion drive system , on four locations.
- The ramsom hatches will be auto closing when platform is reaching the approx. switches at lowest base , total program < 5 minutes. - HPU in Eexd-zone 1 execution. Sketch 42.3:
ST developed a Telescopic crane who can operate at 400 m . below water level ,the ARGO400 can be mounted in the bow of a submerged floating object .
- Head of crane mounted at with our Manipulator head 3in1-50.