Scissor Table

ST has with a Dutch manufacturer a agreement for showing the ST design for a Scissor table or High worker II and Forklift carrier nr.I or the King-Monkey.

- The high worker is special designed for using in the fruit industry, equipped with a caterpillar track and drive system.

- The power-source is Diesel /Hydraulic ,the platform can be raised up to 12 mtr level ,SWL 1200 kg.

- The HW12-12 is provided with a Stabilizing system ,and can adopt slope angles up to 5 degrees.

- The STK forklift truck (1) named KING Monkey can be mounted on most truck ends by a docking lock ,the power source is Diesel hydraulic power source ,operator on seat can operate all modes from one panel ,ie

- Travel forwards /Return.

- Leveling of forks.

- Raising of Forks Up/Down.

- Steering , Right /Left direction . SWL up to 40 kN