Marine Cooler

A Marine cooler is a closed circuit cooling system mounted on the vessel,s inner or outer hull below the water line. The concept of cooling is similar to the application of a radiator on a car.
Engine coolant is circulated through the cooler ,which transfer heat from the coolant before it return to the engine ,The cooler is in constant contact with seawater allowing the cooling system to efficiently transfer heat between the coulant and seawater , see illustration of engine. Both manufactures Fernstrum (USA) an Weka (NL) have two type of coolers in the program , Fernstrum has their major cooler called Keel / Grid Cooler and major cooler of Weka is their Box Cooler.
Grid /Box-cooler are used for cooling of Diesel engines between 3 & 30.000 kW (seawater temperature up to max. 32 degr.C).

Mounting :
The Grid Keel cooler is mounted externally on the Hull below the
water Line ,see detail II and a Box-cooler is mounted in bottom
inside the hull, the hull must be provided with inlet-outlet slots ,
see detail I.

Both cooler types are made by 90/10-Copper Nickel ,environmental
concerns have also been raised about the release of Copper from
other sources,our Copper-Nickel alloys form a protective shield
against Bio-Fouling and Emit very low amount of poisonous copper
Ions (a ship equipped with an impressed current anti-fouling
system may release 700 kg. ions per year. The Coolers does not
required a protective coating or ICAF
(Impressed Current Anti-Fouling) system due to its corrosion
resistance to seawater and natural anti-fouling capabilities ,
a protector device helps to minimize potential damage to the coolers
and hull from stray electrical currents and Galvanic Corrosion.

ST where involved in 2007 and The University Twente by
mr. Prof.Dr.Ir Johan Meyer and Dr.Pathiray for designing a new type
of Cooler using thin CoNi - plates in sandwich model ,
laser welded on outer lines.
Using Laser (4kw) techniques for welding a pipe-form on both
plates,pressurized and the pipe form will be blow up into a circle /
pipe model.
- This new RAD-Cooler is under practical tests ,great advantage are:
- One type of material.
- Shorter fabrication time.
- Small unit can be added with more units.
- Approved by NoBo .
- Patended .