See the special ST Leaflet regarding Passenger Access Bridges (PAB ) and Gangways both suitable for transfering occupants from:

1) - From a floating object (Semi) to a fixed Platform.
2) - From the Bow of a ship to fixed plat-from.
3) - From a fixed object to a floating object.
4) - From a Quay carrier onto a Ferry(Passenger ship)

Operating angle of a gangway are elevation UP + 20 degr. and elevating down - 15 degrees with horizon. Loadings on main part and telescopic part min.
150 kg per m2 (tested with 250 kg p/m2) ,allowed dropping distance at gangway end 500 mm (20 inches). Total length of gangway of 45 mtr has been delivered. Minimum gangway opening ,1200 mm x height 2200mm Special attention for our Latest design whereby both gangway parts are enclosed over four sides, advantages:

  • Better feeling when walking 50 mtr.above water line
  • No windows .
  • No side netting.
  • Bottom enclosed totally.
  • No exposed to Wind-Rain-Snow-Icing .
  • Excellent Allumination .
  • Control in Cabin and at tip end.
  • Auto closing gate when reaching max. extension